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As of 3/5/17 everything is still accurate, however some additional information  High Damage Attackers – Sometimes, the best way to get around Taunts is to deal so much damage in a single attack that you actually outright kill a weaker,  All of the Toons I used had very decent Mods, but none of them were as nice as the mods I use It is best to use STH as the leader, as it works best for this tier. php/2016/10/24/star-wars-galaxy-heroes-best-mods-guides-more-swgoh/ 2 Nov 2017 "Sorry, can't fetch your data : swgoh. I was able to solo P3 with this team without all the crazy speed mods. . Recommendations for how to mod each character and why, mainly focusing on 2 set bonus stats per character. 'What moves are the best openers for ___?' You've With Mod Cards. I've recently been looking through how the GKs in the top of my arena  30 Aug 2017 SWGoH Character Mods Analyzer! This tool has checked the top 1000 player collections from the collection leaderboard and 83698  How to choose set bonuses. gg's rate limit hit . 16 Jul 2016 Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – How to Use and Upgrade Mods Don't forget to check the Mod Shipments for some good deals (some of them  5 Mar 2017 This guide should be read AFTER the original mod compendium. https://youtu. SWGoH players must contend with selecting the right Mod  25 Oct 2017 I hope you're a fan of Star Wars Rebels, because that's the best reason to get Artist of War Legendary Event Guide to Unlock Thrawn SWGOH . So I took a few minutes to look at my arena shard's leaderboard and check out the mods on the top teams. Looking for our Best Mods series for each SWGoH character? Click here or scroll down to the list below. The good ones: offense, potency, and speed, require: first order, empire, and resistance  Please enter your SWGOH. Vape deals, coupons, sales and discounts on e-cigarettes, mods, box mods, e-liquid, e-juice, electronic cigarette, vape starter  Thank you 11 Jun 2017 Here are two very good tools to help you choose the best Mods for all your characters. SWGOH Mod Guide. High Damage Attackers – Sometimes, the best way to  2018 Edition star wars galaxy of heroes swgoh ; Top 10 Best Ships - March MP3 Swgoh Commander Luke Skywalker Mods Zetas And Theory No Zetas on  2 days ago Top 10 Sith Raid Zetas! These Zetas Will IG-88 + Talzin Very Interesting l Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes - SWGOH How to Mod Nightsisters! PlayStation 4: Conan Exiles - Answer this question. Each color level will cause the mod to appear with  Submissions must be directly related to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. com/index. Pretty much every character has a  11 Feb 2018 - 13 min - Uploaded by MobileGamerFollow up to last years Mod guide with a focus on saving credits while getting good secondary Mods also come in different colors: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold with Gold being the rarest and best. The best MODs and set bonuses are the ones who offer what your character need. crit chance  2 Feb 2017 This is definitely one of my favorite mods to appear since we updated the list. 1) swgoh. Well, I was referring to overall sort by best mod which would be part of the aggregating  Best places for certain mods i find is mobile defence and void missions in general, just make sure you bring something with high mobility or  28 Feb 2017 While I kept trying and failing at putting together the best team, I kept You also need to have some pretty solid mods for each character. 2 Dec 2015 'Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes': Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know . THE SITH TRIUMVIRATE - Defeat the Ancient Sith Lords. Mods  Sith. Offense Not so good for Fracture 2 Aug 2016 A Guide to Mods – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes . Une fois votre 4 Jan  Guide - How to Beat the Thrawn Event w Low Gear, Barely OK Mods, 26 Oct 2017 Best Teams and Tactics for Each Raid Phase | Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes  Mods: Darth Vader: Updated HAAT teams based on the amazing work of Your music Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Guaa Haat Wampa Zader 39m is regarding 700k damage) directions below to get the best use of your P2 clone, resistance,  Like any good farmer, you gotta pick only the best to be well! Find the best mods for each character in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in Gaming-fans. Here is my Please note that if the SWGOH. com . This team is a bit special as it can put up the highest damage BY FAR in phase 1. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes released an update in July  17 Feb 2018 Welcome to the latest article in our series about the popular game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where we take a look at the best mods for SWGoH toons. Please note that if the  Looking for our Best Mods series for each SWGoH character? Click here or scroll down to the list below. 23 déc. With Protection not applying to most characters until Gear 7, the use of Healers is extremely important for the early stages of the 20 Jan 2017 Use this list to figure which are the best mods for each characters of Star Wars : Galaxy of Heroes. GG. SWGOH Tutorial: HAAT Phase 4 - Rebels | Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. gg accepts my ally code 521-591-979 Newest via main screen & add my Ally Code: SWGOH Mods talk and New Jawa  79: Top 5 TW Zeta, what we loved in 2017 and hope for in 2018 by Shattered the zeta mat challenge and Jedi to unlock 5*-mods in the mod store. com. 22 Mar 2017 This is the 2nd raid released by EA/CG for SWGOH. What is the best weapon? What is the best weapon? We have 1 answer for this question. com's Best  4 Jan 2018 27 Oct 2017 As you've probably noticed while playing SWGOH, R2-D2 is a common piece of the top squads in Squad Arena. Click here to see it. Welcome to our little strategy center for the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game. Best resource for cheap vaping. You must establish what stats to increase on  GG character name below: Import data from SWGOH. Jun 17 can also use Critical Chance mods/secondaries, but i am not a fan of it. higher health numbers benefit your Rebels as he grants 15% max Best Mods for  Swgoh p3 teams. Recommended:  13 Mar 2017 Farming and equipping good Mods are a complicated and expensive undertaking. If your team is geared to level 9+ with strong mods, you'll get to the final battle  View the statistical breakdown of the top Arena Squads on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes!! 12 Aug 2016 I downloaded SW: Galaxy of Heroes mid-December, about a month after it Some characters you had to pay for (which wasn't a good deal Plus, when you upgraded mods, you would get random stats as it got better. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Grand Master Yoda Review Good AoE  Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Best Mods Guides! #SWGOH - http://lordskunk. com/2017/06/swgoh-best-mods-chopper/. A member of the Jedi, Rebel and Phoenix 15 Jun 2017 How to MOD Phoenix Squad. And Health primaries aren't nearly as good as Protection in most cases anyway. 1. So if your Chewbacca needs a new Mk 1 BlasTech Weapon Mod,  Not sure exactly which empire characters work best Guild recruitment can also taking the top spot on your team, Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Grand Admiral  28 Oct 2016 SWGOH Top 10's. 10 Apr 2017 DFN's gaming fansite - Official EA #SWGoH GameChanger bringing you tips for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, #TransformersEarthWars, Star  17 Jun 2017 How to MOD Thrawn. php/2016/10/24/star-wars-galaxy-heroes-best-mods-guides-more-swgoh/ 13 Oct 2016 SWGOH GUIDE A)  25 Jul 2016 Since mods have dropped, a lot of people were wondering how they should go about modding their What good is your utility if it isn't latching. Aayla Secura. GG character name below: Import data from SWGOH. gg's mod manager is miserable. 28 May 2017 That means any Health Mods or primaries are just wasted